Interfacing to Motorized Actuator

At Emerson Exchange, 2011, I had the pleasure of working with Tom Pesek, Marketing Manager, Emerson Process Management to host a workshop on Interfacing the DeltaV control system to motorized actuators.

The workshop addresses the use of motorize actuators for valves and dampers. These types of actuators may be preferred for some process control applications. In this workshop we discuss using motorized actuators for closed loop control. Information is provided on DeltaV composite blocks for interfacing to motorized actuators with and without stem feedback. Test results obtained in Fisher Controls’ flow lab are shown for the DeltaV control system interfaced to an EIM motorized actuator.

If you are interested in learning more about this topic, then the viewer below may be used to access the workshop presentation given on Tuesday, October 24. This presentation is around 40 minutes in length.

Also, the viewer controls may be used to download the power point file used in this presentation.