ISA104 Meeting – ISA Automation Week

ISA Automation Week will be held this year on 17-20th October 2011 at the Arthur R. Outlaw Convention Center, Mobile, AL. Many of the ISA committees that work on the creation of standards for the process industry will be meeting in conjunction with ISA Automation Week. To avoid any schedule conflict the technical sessions, many of these committees will meet on Monday, October 17th before the technical session are scheduled to start on Tuesday, October 18th. The ISA104 committee (EDDL) that I chair will meet on Monday from 8:30-12:30 in one of the meeting rooms at the convention center. Normally the ISA104 committee meetings are conducted by Live Meeting to avoid the need for committee members to travel. However, we schedule a face to face meeting once a year to occur during ISA Automation week.

One of the invited speakers for the ISA104 meeting is Dr. Christian Diedrich, convener IEC SC65E WG7. In his presentation, Christian will provide an overview of the FDI (a merger of EDDL and FDT) technology that is in the process of being approved in IEC as a new work item. If you have an interest in learning more about FDI then this would be an opportunity to learn more about this technology. We welcome visitors in the ISA104 committee meeting.

Jonas Berge is schedule to give an update on the EDDL web site that the ISA104 committee uses to promote the benefits of EDDL technology. Also, educational material on EDDL can be found at the web site as shown below.

Ludwig Winkel, winner of the IEC1906 Award for advancement of industry standard, will discuss recent work by SC65E WG7. Also, he will provide an update on a planned meeting for Dec 12-14, 2011 Houston, to begin work on the FDI standard. Thus, attending the ISA104 meeting is an excellent way to find out more about the EDDL standard (IEC61804) and the work planned to make FDI technology an IEC international standard.