Control Loop Foundation – Class (9025)

As I noted in a previous blog, Emerson’s education department has established a class (9025) based on the book Control Loop Foundation – Batch and Continuous Processes that I co-authored with Mark Nixon. This is a 4 ½ day class in which most of the key ideas contained in the book is covered in class lectures. About 30% of the class time is reserved for workshops in which the students get hands on experience by addressing the 19 workshops contained in the book. Rather than use the book’s web site to perform the workshops, the control and simulation modules that can be downloaded from the web site are used in a DeltaV environment provided in the class by each student. In this way the students can address the workshop using all the features included in DeltaV. For example, in the workshop on tuning a PID control loop, the student can (for extra credit) use the on-demand tuning capability supported by DeltaV Insight.

Earlier this year I taught the Control Loop Foundation Class at Emerson’s education department in Manila, Philippines. During the week of September 12-16th I taught this class in the Austin, TX education department. Below are two picture of the class room that was used in September.

The Control Loop Foundation class (9025) is available at multiple Emerson location within North America and Asia Pacific. The class schedule is available on the Emerson Education web site. Also, you can enroll in a class thorough this web site.