Chance of a Lifetime

We have the opportunity to hear the 3 most influential and knowledgeable technical leaders in industry give their assessment of the present state and future of our profession. This will be the first and most likely only time these guys will be sharing their knowledge at the same event, thus covering the complete spectrum of opportunities in providing an intelligent approach to process control and optimization. A supporting cast of a dozen of the most experienced people I know have accepted my invitation and will be providing the details for specific applications in talks and tutorials. Revitalize yourself and your professions by taking advantage of this “Once in a Lifetime Chance” to learn from Cutler, Shinskey, Lipták, and others at ISA Automation Week

Charlie Cutler, the co-inventor of the industrial model predictive controller, founder of Dynamic Matrix Control, and leader in the use of real time optimization provides insight in his keynote  into the hundreds of successful advanced control applications in refineries and the petrochemical plants with total benefits of more than a billion a year. Charlie takes an intensive process view for plant wide control opportunities we could learn from for the rest of the process industry.

Greg Shinskey and Béla Lipták were and still are the source of most of my knowledge in process control. I had the honor of joining them as the first 3 inductees into the Process Automation Hall of Fame in 2001.

You could read a hundred textbooks on process control and not get what Shinskey has provided in just one of his books; pH and pIon Control in Process and Waste Streams, Distillation Control, Process Control Systems, Energy Conservation Through Control, Controlling Multivariable Processes, and Feedback Controllers in the Process Industry. These books provide a fundamental and deep understanding of the interrelationship between process characteristics/objectives and process control. Shinskey shows how to provide the best rejection of unmeasured disturbances, eliminate interactions by pairing and feedforward decoupling, and optimize unit operations with valve position control all with standard features of the PID.

Béla Lipták’s handbooks are the most comprehensive source of the state of the art of process automation, instrumentation, analyzers, and PID control strategies. Lipták’s recent venture into energy provides an extensive view of valve position control opportunities. Lipták’s keynote provides insight into the maturing of our profession.

Every process control engineer should have a copy of all of Greg Shinskey books and Béla Lipták’s handbooks. Unfortunately publishers didn’t understand what they had in the way of Shinskey. Many of his books are out of print demanding $400 or more for a used book.

I encourage you attend the Distillation Tutorial by Terry Tolliver, Large Scale Wireless Network Tutorial by Mark Nixon, Wireless Panel by Brad Carlberg, energy sessions by Don Labbe, analysis sessions by Jim Tatera, advanced control sessions by Russ Rhinehart, installation-operations-maintenance sessions by Greg Lehmann, process control system design sessions by John Munro and Jeff Arbogast, the human asset sessions by Brian Bridgewater, and the safety-security sessions by Ed Marszal and Graham Speake. You also have 3 tutorials by me besides the panel session where Russ, Terry, and I join Cutler and Lipták.

Hope to see you there.