Process Simulation – Part 5

The standard tools available in most process control systems may be used to create a dynamic process simulation. Such a simulation may be combined with the control modules to create an effective operator training system or to facilitate control system checkout. The techniques that may be used to create a dynamic process simulation and to link this into the control system are fully address in Chapter 15 of Control Loop Foundation – Batch and Continuous Processes. In the first part of the workshop for this chapter, the reader is asked to create a simulation diagram for the spray dryer process illustrated below.

Building on the concepts presented in this chapter, one solution for this workshop is the simulation diagram shown below.

Simulation Diagram for Spray Dryer Process.jpg

A dynamic process simulation of the spray dryer process can be easily created using composite blocks defined in this chapter on process simulation. The resulting simulation module that would be added to the control system is shown below.

In the second part of the simulation workshop, the reader is asked to go to the Control Loop Foundation web site and to work with the spray dryer process simulation that was created based on the simulation diagram defined in the first part of the exercise. By accessing the book’s web site, you may complete the second part of the process simulation workshop using your web browser. The viewer below may be used to see the solution to this exercise.