The Confluence of Legends

Charlie Cutler, the “Father of Model Predictive Control”, and Bela Liptak, the source of the most extensive and successful series of handbooks, will be keynote speakers at ISA Automation Week Oct 17-20 per the ISA March 7 News Release. These legends will be joined by me, Terry Tolliver, and Russ Rhinehart in a general session to showcase the essential knowledge for process optimization. Attendees will have 40 minutes to “Ask the Experts” questions to spark innovative solutions.

Mark Nixon, Terry Tolliver, Russ Rhinehart, and I will be doing tutorials to extensively share our expertise. I have invited 12 of the most knowledgeably people in process control to present ideas to advance our profession. We are also expecting the best in our profession to step up to make this a premier technical conference for the open exchange of ideas. There will be a weekly “Tip by Greg” for talks not to miss and a celebration at my condo on the Emerald Coast just 90 minutes from Mobile.