Control Loop Foundation Web Site

This week we completed work on the web site for the book Control Loop Foundation. Anyone can access this web site to view and perform the exercises for workshops and applications define in the book – a total of 19 exercises. Since the web site is constructed using HTML5, it may be accessed using a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. You may find the Workshop and Application areas of the web site to be the most interesting parts of the web site.

When a particular workshop or application is selected, then you can examine the associated exercise and process that is addressed in the exercise. By then selecting the workspace area, you can perform the exercise using the tools provided in the workspace environment. A backend server is used to host the control modules and dynamic process simulations associated with each workshop and application. Thus, when working in the workspace area the user experience is similar to a person working in an operating plant. When a change is made in a setpoint or controller output the impact of this change on the process is dynamically similar to what you would see when working with a real process. To observe a trend of the process response to an input change, the user may access the chart area where trends are automatically provided for the critical parameters associated with the process. The different areas of the workshops and applications are illustrated below.


To learn what you should have been observed if all steps of an exercise were successfully completed, you may access the Solution area. When this selection is made then you can view and listen to a YouTube video that steps you through the exercise. To learn more about the web environment provided for the workshops and applications addressed in the book, you may use the viewer below to directly access the Feedback Control workshop Solution video referenced by the web site.

This example illustrates how the Exercise, Process, Workspace, Chart, and Solutions areas are used to complete a workshop or application exercise.