Control Loop Foundation Overview

In a previous blog posting I provided some information about the book Control Loop Foundation co-authored by me and Mark Nixon This ISA publication became available for sale a week before Emerson Exchange 2010. To help promote the book, Mark and I put together an overview of Control Loop Foundation that we presented as a short course at Emerson Exchange 2010. A voice recording of the short course has been merged with the presentation material to create a video. If you are interested in learning more about the material covered in this book, then you can use the viewer below to view and listen to this short course presentation and answers to questions raised by the audience. This video is about 94 minutes in length.

By entering a starting slide number for a topic of interest, it is possible to begin the video playback at any point in the presentation. The starting slide number and length of the major sections of the presentation are noted below:


Also, the 19 workshops and applications contained in the book may be accesses at the web site that we created for the book. A video that shows and explains the steps and the expected results for each exercise can be found under the workshop and application Solution tab.