Control Loop Foundation Class

The book Control Loop Foundation originated from an internal Emerson training class that I put together for new engineers. The Education Services training center located in Austin, TX provided a class room for this training class. I found this to be an ideal training environment for teaching the class since each class room in the training center is equipped with a sound and projection system, desks and computers for the students, and a dining room for breaks and lunch. With the publication of Control Loop Foundation, Education Services included in the 2011 catalogue a new class, course 9025, that is based on the book Control Loop Foundation.

Course Announcement.jpg

The book will be used as the text for this class – with each student receiving their own personal copy of Control Loop Foundation. Also, the 19 exercises for the workshops and applications defined in the book and supported on the book’s web site will be an integral part of this class. Students that attend this 5 day class will spend about 30% of their time getting hands on experience by performing these exercises. I will teach the class the first few times it is offered and after that time the class will be taught by the training center’s experienced instructors.

The first Control Loop Foundation class is scheduled for February 21-25th, 2011. A second class is scheduled for September 12-16th and it is expected that more classes will be added after the first class to meet registration demand. If you are interested in learning more about this class, then a pdf copy of the 2011 North American Course Catalogue can be downloaded over the internet. This catalogue provides more information on the 9025 course and enrollment details.