How to Get Started With Advanced Control

A new track called “Meet the Experts” was added this year to Emerson Exchange. The workshops for this track were schedule for the last day of the conference, Friday, Oct 8th. Even so, from what I observed these workshops were well attended and thus I hope this track will continue to be offered in the future. These type of track provides a wonderful opportunity for interaction and learning. The topic I choose for the workshop I presented in this track was “How to Get Started With Advanced Control”. In particular, In this workshop I focused on how MPC may be used to replace PID where there is a need to better address difficult process dynamics and improve control performance.. Examples included in the workshop illustrate how MPC may be layered on an existing control strategy. This may be done by creating a new module that contains an MPC block with links to an existing strategy or by modifying an existing control module to include an MPC block as illustrated below.


This layered approach allows the existing PID control strategy to be used until the MPC control can be commissioned. The operator can switch between his existing control strategy and MPC by simply changing block mode. Thus, MPC can be commissioned and operators trained on the use of MPC as time permits.

If you are interested in learning more about this topic, then the viewer below may be used to view and listen to the presentation and the questions and answer portion of this workshop. This video of this workshop is about 44 minutes in length.

The viewer also allows you to download the power point file used for this presentation. Also, a chapter in Control Loop Foundation – Batch and Continous Process is dedicated to this subject.