Preview of Deminar #9 – Process Control Improvement Primer

Process control is so detailed, fragmented, and experience dependent, it is difficult to see the commonality of process control solutions. In Deminar #9 at 10:00 am CDT Wednesday Sept 8, I will detail 10 key concepts in a unified approach that will be useful for process control improvement in 90% or more of the applications. Demos will be offered of the more dynamic consequences. The deeper understanding gained should be useful in developing process control improvements, most of which can be demonstrated by free use of virtual plants on the process control lab website http://www.processcontrollab.com/ .

To attend the event, go to http://bit.ly/JC-LiveMeeting

Use the information below to connect (if you’re not using the available computer audio):

• Toll-free: +1 (877) 771-7176

• Toll: +1 (225) 383-1099

• Participant code: 264679