Developing and Selling Process Control Ideas, Products, and Services – Emerson Exchange Short Course

Whether you are an automation engineer, local business partner, process engineer, student, supplier, or system integrator trying to find or promote opportunities, a dynamic prototype or demo can be a powerful tool.

The Emerson Exchange short course EmersonExchange2010Session204ProcessControlLabs.pdf shows the use of a free web based tool to learn the essential aspects of process control to develop and sell ideas, products, and services. The short course (session 204 on Wednesday Sept 29 at 8:00am and Thursday Sept 30 at 10:00 am) demonstrates how free access to an online virtual plant that requires no modeling or configuration expertise can be used to explore process control improvement in a control room environment. In this particular short course, the virtual plant explores the more powerful features of the PID controller. The potential and actual improvement in loop performance from dynamic reset limiting, the wireless PIDPlus enhancement, smart bang-bang logic, and deadtime compensation is quite impressive.

While the focus in this short course is getting the most out of your PID, the opportunities are much broader in scope. The free tool with built in metrics can show how better process, measurement, and valve features and performance can justify expenditures and time commitments for process control improvements. In the future, the tool will be expanded to include more unit operations and control systems to explore control strategy opportunities for common processes.