Now for Something Completely Different

About every year since 1985, I wrote a book whether I needed to or not. Some of the books were written to entertain my self and hopefully others by adding a humorous view point to what is normally a very a serious profession. In 2006 my contribution to this unique endeavor was The Life and Times of an Automation Professional – An Illustrated Guide. While I wrote most of the material and generated most of the cartoon concepts, I choose to list the authors in reverse alphabetical order to be different and give the cartoonist Ted Williams some long overdue recognition. Right after this book was published I expanded my horizons to an even more fertile ground for humor – retirement. Since all of my friends were partly or fully retired, I had the experience base, but how could I make it different?

Trillions of atoms in my brain went amok to break free of the 4D dilemma or at least make reading about engineers and retirement less boring. The result was a break in the space and time continuum and a book on retirement like no other. For conservation of spin, I am sure there is a book somewhere in the far reaches of the universe with humor moving in the opposite direction. There is also the matter of possibly anti-matter in a parallel universe or Anti Funnier Side of Retirement book. However, these books are light years from being available although radio waves indicate a Starbucks on alpha centurion is offering extra hot lattes.

So if you are ready to laugh about the impending or depending retirement of people you know and love including yourself, check out The Funnier Side of Retirement for Engineers and Other People of the Technical Persuasion published in 2007 by ISA. What will I do for 2008?

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Funnier Side of Retirement

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