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Exploring Dubai

When I traveled to Dubai in November, 2014 to teach the Control Loop Foundation classes (see Februry 16th, 2015 post) it was my first time to visit Dubai. To say the least, I was quite impressed by the city layout, planning and quality of construction. It is by far the most modern city I have …

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Control Classes – Dubai

Emerson Employees that Attended the Dubai Training Class

In late November, 2014 I traveled to Dubai to teach the Control Loop Foundation class. This class is based on the book Control Loop Foundation – Batch and Continuous Processes and is a standard class offered by Emerson’s education department. In this class the students used the book’s web site to perform the workshops that …

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TWCCC Meeting Mach 5-6, 2012

UT_ACES Building

Emerson is one of the industrial sponsors of the Texas -Wisconsin – California Control Consortium (TWCCC). As explained on the TWCCC web site, this consortium carries out joint industrial-academic research in the areas of chemical process modeling, monitoring, control and optimization. The consortium meetings are scheduled periodically and rotated between the Texas, Wisconsin and California. …

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