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WirelessHART – Discrete Measurement

702 Transmitter

Many manufacturers initially introduced WirelessHART field devices that were designed to support continuous process measurements such pressure, flow, temperature, and level. Also, WirelessHART transmitters are now available for analytical measurements such as pH. Recently you may have noticed that some manufacturers have introduced WirelessHART field devices for discrete measurement. For example, Rosemount has released the …

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Interfacing to Motorized Actuator

Interfacing to Motorized Actuators

At Emerson Exchange, 2011, I had the pleasure of working with Tom Pesek, Marketing Manager, Emerson Process Management to host a workshop on Interfacing the DeltaV control system to motorized actuators. The workshop addresses the use of motorize actuators for valves and dampers. These types of actuators may be preferred for some process control applications. …

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Duty Cycle Control

Duty Cycle Control Example

As discussed in Chapter 11 of Control Loop Foundation – Batch and Continuous Processes, some field devices used in the process industryrequire that the control system provide a pulsed output interface. For example, in the plastics industry extruders are often used to process plastic pellets into various products. Plastic pellets are fed into the barrel …

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