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Raymond D. Molloy Award

Raymond D Molloy Award

In early October, 2013, Willy Wojsznis, Mark Nixon and I were notified by the ISA Publications Department that we were the recipients of the “Raymond D. Molloy Award”. The book we co-authored, Advanced Control Foundation: Tools, Techniques, and Applications, sold the most units of any new book published by ISA in 2012. The publication award’s …

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Application of On-line Data Analytics to a Continuous Process Polybutene Unit


Lubrizol Corporation has installed at the Deer Park, TX plant a field trail version of Emerson’s Continuous Data Analytics capability. Over the last year Qiwei Li, production engineer, and Robert Wojewodka, Technology Manager and Statistician, have developed PCA/PLS models to predict quality parameter and detect faults for the Polybutene and refrigerant compressor units at the …

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Utilizing DeltaV Advanced Control Innovations

Utilizing DeltaV Innovations

Several Meet the Expects workshops are schedule on the last day of Emerson Exchange. As part of this effort, Willy Wojsznis and I co-hosted a workshop this year titled Utilizing DeltaV Advanced Control Innovations to Improve Control Performance. In this workshop we explore and discuss innovative features of the DeltaV PID and embedded Advanced Control …

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Continuous Data Analytics – Field Trail Results


Over the last two years the future architecture team has conducted field tests of a continuous data analytics capability for quality parameter prediction and process and measurement fault detection. This continuous data analytics capability is addressed in Chapter 9 of Advanced Control Foundation – Tools, Techniques and Applications. The workshop for this chapter is designed …

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Foundation Book Promotional Kit

Foundaton Book Display

The single loop and multi-loop control techniques most often used in automating continuous and batch processes are addressed in the book Control Loop Foundation – Batch and Continuous Processes. Similarly, the advanced control techniques that are most often utilized in the process industry are addressed in the book Advanced Control Foundation – Tools, Techniques, and …

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Application of Online Data Analytics to a Continuous Process

Application of Online Data Analytics to a Continuous Process Polybutene Unit

DeltaV Online Batch Data Analytics will be introduced next year in DeltaV v12. We worked closely with Lubrizol to demonstrate a prototype of this product in a field trails at the Rouen, France facility. Lubrizol and Emerson collaborated on a number of Emerson Exchange workshops that addressed different aspects of batch data analytics and the …

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Meet The Expert Session – Advanced Control Foundation

Advanced Control Foundation Short Course

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, Willy Wojsznis and I hosted a Meet the Expert session at Emerson Exchange 2012 that covers key points contained in the book Advanced Control Foundation – Tools, Techniques, and Applications. Below is a picture from this session. I received permission from the Emerson board to record the audio …

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Emerson Exchange 2012

DeltaV Advanced Control Booth Emerson Exchange 2012

If you attended Emerson Exchange 2012 in Anaheim, California, Oct 8-12th then I am sure you will agree this event exceeded all expectations. With over 350 workshops and short course to select from, it was always easy to find a presentation of interests. The exhibit area was open the first three days from 4-8pm. In …

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Continuous Data Analytics – Impact of Transport Delay

Continuous Digester

When developing a PLS models for quality parameter prediction, the deviation of measurement values from their mean must be shifted in time to account for the time required for a change in the input to impact the quality parameter. Similarly, these delays should be taken into account in the processing of the deviation values used …

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Continuous Data Analytics – On-line Use

Data Analytics - Filling the Gap

One of the key objectives of a process control system is to maintain product quality parameters within specification. On-line analyzers that automatically provide measurements of material properties to the control system may be too expensive, may have proven to be unreliable, or simply may not be available because of the complexity of the sampling system …

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