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Chinese Translation of Control Loop Foundation

Control Loop Foundation Chinese Translation

A translation of the book Control Loop Foundation – Batch and Continuous Processes is now available on the ISA web site as an e-book in ePub or mobi format. The ePub format is used by most dedicated e-book readers such as Android devices and iPad, iPhone, and iPod, Kobo eReader and Sony Reader. The mobi …

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How to Succeed – Part 7

Given a good measurement and final control element selection, location, and installation, we move on to designing the control scheme and achieving the best loop performance. The control system should minimize process interactions and optimize process quality, efficiency, and production rate. The control loops should minimize disturbances and effectively achieve new operating points. Here is …

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Secondary Flow Loops Offer a Primary Advantage

A secondary flow loop offers opportunities for feedforward control, identification of valve stick-slip and backlash, online metrics, diagnostics, rejection of pressure disturbances, linearization, and modeling. However,  a secondary flow loop can be detrimental when the primary loop has a 63% response time less than 10 seconds. If the 63% response time is greater than 5 seconds, an exceptionally …

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