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Model Predictive Control With Event Driven Operation

Divided Wall Column Control

Willy Wojsznis, Mark Nixon and I co-author the paper Model Predictive Control With Event Driven Operation for the “1st European Experts’ Workshop On Emerging Trends In Event Based Systems” . In this paper we address how wireless measurements have been successfully used in the application of MPC in the control of a Divided Wall Column …

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Expanding the Use of DeltaV Advanced Control

At Emerson Exchange, 2014, I hosted a Meet the Expert Session on Expanding the Use of DeltaV Advanced Control. The panelists in this session were:  Willy Wojsznis , Emerson Process Management Louis Heavner , Emerson Process Management Terry Blevins – Principal Technologist, Emerson Process Management Terry Chmelyk , Spartan Controls Christopher McNabb – Senior Engineering …

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Wireless Model Predictive Control

Wirelss MPC Workshop

At Emerson Exchange – 2014, Orlando, FL. I worked with Bailee Roach, University Of Texas, Austin and Willy Wojsznis, Emerson Process Management to co-host a workshop of Wireless Model Predictive Control (MPC). In this workshop we addressed how wireless measurements may be used in model predictive. Information was provided on a field trail of this …

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Emerson Exchange 2014

Gaylord Photo

This year Emerson Exchange will be held October 6 – 10, 2014 at the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center, Orlando, Florida. More than 400 Workshops and Short Courses are planned this year. I am a presenter in the following workshops that focus on control using wireless field devices. 4-1892 Using Wireless Throttling Valves in …

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High Speed Wireless Control

I was recently sent a link to a YouTube video of a control demonstration by professor Raffaello D’Andrea, The Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control at ETH, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich. ETH is one of the world’s leading universities for technology and the natural sciences. I found the demonstration by Professor D’Andrea to …

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Willy Wojsznis – ISA Fellow

Willy Wljsznis ISA Fellow

The International Society of Automation (ISA) Fellow grade is provided to qualified senior ISA members who have made exceptional engineering or scientific contributions to the field of automation that advance the state of the art. Nomination requires a minimum of five Fellow evaluators or a combination of nine Fellows and Senior Members. The candidates nominated …

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Raymond D. Molloy Award

Raymond D Molloy Award

In early October, 2013, Willy Wojsznis, Mark Nixon and I were notified by the ISA Publications Department that we were the recipients of the “Raymond D. Molloy Award”. The book we co-authored, Advanced Control Foundation: Tools, Techniques, and Applications, sold the most units of any new book published by ISA in 2012. The publication award’s …

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Application of On-line Data Analytics to a Continuous Process Polybutene Unit


Lubrizol Corporation has installed at the Deer Park, TX plant a field trail version of Emerson’s Continuous Data Analytics capability. Over the last year Qiwei Li, production engineer, and Robert Wojewodka, Technology Manager and Statistician, have developed PCA/PLS models to predict quality parameter and detect faults for the Polybutene and refrigerant compressor units at the …

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Utilizing DeltaV Advanced Control Innovations

Utilizing DeltaV Innovations

Several Meet the Expects workshops are schedule on the last day of Emerson Exchange. As part of this effort, Willy Wojsznis and I co-hosted a workshop this year titled Utilizing DeltaV Advanced Control Innovations to Improve Control Performance. In this workshop we explore and discuss innovative features of the DeltaV PID and embedded Advanced Control …

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Control Using Wireless Measurements

Control Using Wireless Measurements

During the initial development of WirelessHart we began researching how to address control applications that use a wireless measurement and/or wireless actuator. To extend battery life a wireless transmitter may be setup to communication the measurement value much slower than the update rate of a wired installation. Also, when the transmitter supports Window communications (as …

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