2011.03.29: PID Unleashed 2011.03.28: Process Simulation – Part 3 2011.03.25: Can’t Get No Satisfaction 2011.03.21: Process Simulation – Part 2 2011.03.17: Master of Space and Time 2011.03.14: Process Simulation – Part 1 2011.03.09: Split Range Control Deminar #12 Review 2011.03.09: The Confluence of Legends 2011.03.08: Split Range Control Deminar #12 Announcement 2011.03.07: Model Predictive Control …

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2010 Published Articles A Gathering of Eagles: Ask the Experts Special Edition Authors: Greg McMillan, Béla Lipták, Greg Shinskey and Harold Wade Publication: Control Magazine, January 2010 Access: Online Article, PDF File (205KB) Adaptive Level Control Authors: Greg McMillan, Sridhar Dasani and Dr. Prakash Jagadeesan Publication: Control Magazine, February 2010 Access: Online Article, PDF File …

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Advanced Temperature Measurement and Control – 2nd Edition Author Gregory K. McMillan, Available December 13, 2010 Description: This book provides a comprehensive view of what is needed to take advantage of the latest developments in smart and wireless temperature measurements and control strategies. A fundamental understanding of the capabilities of temperature sensors and the advances …

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Greg McMillan Recorded Deminars Deminar#1 – PID Enhancement for Sampled Measurements Date: April 7, 2010 Session Length: 65 minutes Topic: How to Eliminate Oscillations from Analyzers and Wireless Measurements with a PID Enhancement Access: Recorded Event, Slides, Greg’s Summary Review Process Control Lab Exercises: Demo of Base Case Demo of Sample Time Effect Demo of …

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